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Leather Bonded Li-Symmetry Cage

2x Faraday sleeves

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Faraday Fabric

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly prevalent, safeguarding electronic devices from unauthorized access is imperative. Each bag in XP-1 is lined with Faraday fabric whose rare properties block electromagnetic fields (EMF) from permeating past the bag's membrane. Creating a protective seal that prevents your data from being hacked, technology damaged, and privacy being compromised.

Invasive signals pierce through ordinary bags
Invasive signals can't pass through membrane

LI Symmetry

As founders, it is imperative to think different. That's why our design philosophy, Li-Symmetry, is deeply rooted in the robust, evolutionary strategies of nature. It can be found in the formidable antlers of a stag, which evolve through generations of strength and dominance. As well as the flight mechanics of an eagle, controlled by twitch fiber muscles and lightweight bone structures. These examples highlight nature's inherent dynamism and continuous “think different” mentality exemplified by Phenotype products.


Every Phenotype product is made to order, in a bespoke fashion. Crafting each piece requires time to mold the leather Li-Symmetry cage and integrate the faraday fabric into the bag's membrane. We don't like to ship junk. Rest assured, when your bag is completed, it has been crafted with unparalleled dedication to durability and perfection, designed to endure a lifetime.