How it all began

Well it starts with a story

Ever since I was very young I have been obsessed with exploring the nature of consciousness and mind

Everything changed with a lucid dream I had when I was 17

Where a young man came up to me and asked what I was wearing

I didn't know, so I began studying the details of the jacket I had on, the sewing and the pattern making until I opened it up and realized this was something I had designed in the future.

I quickly woke up astonished. With the ability my subconscious had to render a design like that. Could we use the subconscious to design things?

I started studying neuroscience, learning anything I could about neurotechnology, till an even bigger question began to emerge, could we design things from our brain waves?

To create a unique representation of self, a thumbprint of our identity.


Yes, we call it a Phenotype.

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What's coming

Pheno Day 3

Phenotype randomly opens its store for 24 hours once a month to give the followers access to new things it is developing. Join the waitlist if you want to be invited to the next drop!


A visionary concept for the future of fashion where you're at the center of it. In an effort to restore meaning and our connection within.

Mutation Events

We gather the most talented models, photographers, videographers, and stylists from all around the world once a month to disrupt social media. Unified in order to raise awareness about the need of environmental protection.

Phenotype Master Plan?

If we wish to maintain and ensure the welfare of life into the future, we must translate our common interest into a unified goal of reconnecting with each other, with nature, and within ourselves