li-symmetry collection

line Our latest collection. Imagine being on a dark, cold, rain-soaked planet. This is where Phenotype's XP-1 unfolds, seamlessly blending science and art, drawing inspiration from Li-Symmetry seen in veins, lightning, and roots, while integrating Faraday fabric into each bag for both protection and a mesmerizing tribute to nature's intricate thumbprint. This collection was crafted for a new class of explorer.


Well, it starts with a story.

Ever since I was very young, I have been obsessed with exploring the nature of consciousness and mind.

Everything changed with a lucid dream I had when I was 17, where a young man came up to me and asked what I was wearing.

I didn't know, so I began studying the details of the jacket I had on, the sewing and the pattern making until I opened it up and realized this was something I had designed in the future.

I quickly woke up astonished with the ability my subconscious had to render a design like that. Could we use the subconscious to design things?

I started studying neuroscience, learning anything I could about neurotechnology, till an even larger question began to emerge;

Could we design things from our brain waves?

To create a unique representation of self, a thumbprint of our identity.


Yes, we call it a Phenotype.

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If we wish to maintain and ensure the welfare of life into the future, we must translate our common interest into a unified goal of reconnecting with each other, with nature, and within ourselves.