"Subconscious Design" goes beyond traditional meditation, employing a design methodology that engages the subconscious mind and leverages cutting-edge neurological algorithms to forge a unique emblem from your brain waves. Every individual possesses a distinct brain pattern, ensuring that no two emblems are the same. This emblem, known as your phenotype, represents the essence of your consciousness.

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Harness the power of your unique phenotype to create personalized items that reflect your visionary essence. Our expert technicians are here to transform this distinctive insignia— representative of your consciousness— into a hallmark of individuality across a curated selection of in-house products.


Explore the depths of your entrepreneurial spirit with your Phenotypic Profile, a curated reflection space for your innovative journey. This personalized profile acts as your identity dashboard, capturing your reflections and aspirations after the design process. It's a concise embodiment of your vision and thoughts, tailored to document the unique path you carve as a founder. Through it, you connect intimately with your core motivations and the essence that drives your pioneering endeavors.


Each phenotyped product connects seamlessly to your Phenotypic Profile, serving as a gateway to your identity dashboard. With a simple tap of your phone, unlock immediate access to your reflections and aspirations, ensuring your entrepreneurial essence is always at your fingertips.


To create your phenotype, please submit an application below. This experience will take place at our flagship lab in Manhattan NYC. Your appointment will last between 30 to 45 mins, and prior to booking, a concierge member from our team will privately reach out to schedule an appropriate time.

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As founders, our thought processes are truly one-of-a-kind. Here are a few visionary entrepreneurs who have undergone the subconscious design journey to create their phenotype.

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Charlie is the President and Co Founder of Praxis, a collective of emergent thinkers who are on a mission to address some of the world's most challenging and pressing issues by building a new city in the Mediterranean.
Praxis is redefining how cities are built and run, with the mission to create a new frontier to foster technological and cultural progress.

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Wil is a technology investor at Apax Digital, focusing on the real world application of tech-enabled disruption, helping companies scale cutting-edge software. His passion for technological innovation began in high school when he created an iPhone app aimed at disrupting the concussion testing space.
He believes in choosing right over easy, and always remembering that each person is molded by their own experiences and surroundings throughout life.

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Derek is a Principal at FirstMark and leads consumer internet investments in content and commerce marketplaces, and serves as a Board Observer at Pickle and MetaLoop. Before working at FirstMark, Derek was a business unit leader at Airbnb, where he served as Chief of Staff to the Co-Founder & CSO, helped launch and co-lead Airbnb China with the COO & President, led business operations for North America’s $10B GMV business, and first joined as Corporate Development Manager in the Office of the CFO (deal lead on the Series F, China M&A, acquisition of Luxury Retreats).
Before Airbnb, Derek was a Senior Associate at Menlo Ventures, where he sourced and served as a Board Observer at Tenor (acquired by Google), Synthego, and The Black Tux. Derek began his career as an Analyst in the TMT Investment Banking Group at Credit Suisse and graduated with honors from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Finance.

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Eli Taylor-Lemire is an American entrepreneur, programmer, and visual artist. He is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of POSH, a financial infrastructure platform for live experiences. Eli built POSH in his New York University dorm room before dropping out, subsequently scaling the venture to over 1 million users and eight figures in transactions.

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Yaron Cohen is a first generation American, growing up in Queens, New York. He is the founder and owner of The Den, a co-retail community concept store focusing on bringing brands and people together through fashion, art, and coffee. Through The Den, Yaron has been able to create a community that allows artists and entrepreneurs to gather together and design one of a kind products and services. Yaron is driven by hard work, passion, and vision.

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For over a decade, Justin Liao has been at the forefront of innovation, steering early-stage startup founders from concept to reality. His journey is not just a career; it's a primary mission to empower visionaries in molding the future of business, technology, and culture. Positioned at the intersection of these pivotal forces, Justin's work is propelled by a zeal for community building and tackling distinctive challenges, driven by an endless curiosity and a wide array of interests. Without relying on specialized knowledge in every field, Justin focuses on fundamental concepts and problem structures, striving to pay homage to humanity's rich intellectual legacy while contributing to the dynamic mosaic of our collective future. Justin's commitment lies in supporting the architects of tomorrow, fostering the seeds of innovation that are set to transform our shared destiny.

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Steve Perez is a dynamic social media creator with an eight-year tenure in the digital content creation realm. As an original member of the groundbreaking Internet channels Lucas & Marcus and Dobre Brothers, Steve has played a pivotal role in shaping online entertainment. Now, he is channeling his creative energy into launching his own YouTube channel and expanding his presence across various social media platforms. Steve's current endeavor is breaking into the fashion industry— the ultimate dream. He aims to redefine the boundaries of fashion creativity through his own personal merchandise brand label, combining his rich background in digital content with a passion for fashion. This journey marks a significant phase in Steve’s career as he strives to make a lasting impact in the fashion space, proving that with innovation and persistence, any dream is attainable.