Phenotyping is a 30 minute immersive retail experience where you work with a neuroscience specialists through a guided meditation to connect deeply within yourself, to reflect on what you love in life, your meaning, your purpose. Simultaneously, based on that brain activity, our proprietary software creates a unique memento in real time that we call a Phenotype.

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The Thumbprint of Your Consciousness

Think of a Phenotype as your distinct expression. It’s the closest thing we have as a society to a representation of spirit. No one else has your Phenotype and no else ever will.

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Changing The Future of Retail

Retail stores haven’t changed since the 1920s. Phenotype Workshops are an immersive retail entertainment experience where customers walk out with a renewed perspective towards life. If Build A Bear is a hybrid between a toy store and Disneyland for kids. Phenotype Workshops are a hybrid between a neuroscience laboratory and a fashion house for adults.

Phenotyping Alpha

We’re opening an Alpha version of Phenotyping in September to the first 100 people who make a reservation. Make a deposit to reserve your Phenotyping experience.