Closing The Feedback Loop Between Thought and Matter

Closing The Feedback Loop Between Thought and Matter

The biggest problem that we face as a society right now can be felt between all of us, it can be felt by you who's watching this.


It's our cognitive decline, we’re devolving.


I’m not happy with the fact that my generations second leading cause of death is suicide.



It wasn’t until a lucid dream I had when I was 22 did I find a solution to this problem.

That lucid dream was the inspiration for this video, it has 12 million views and is 9 seconds long.

On my brain is an EEG, while this was recorded I was deep in meditation.


And meditation is more than just awareness allocation or a relaxation exercise, it's the command line to the subconscious.



And in the subconscious we can augment who it is we are and hardwire who it is we want to become.

What’s fascinating is that the EEG, that was on my head, relays all that data through a series of signal processing models and biological algorithms to create what we call a Phenotype, a phenotype is a raw expression of self.


To not get confused, traditionally you may understand phenotypes in the context of biology. Gene trait expression. The pigment of your iris, the unique pattern of a butterfly, or the colorway of a fish. 

But these are physical traits. What is the phenotype of our mind? Of our personality? Or our future self?




It was with this question and the urgent need for a solution to help us overcome the loss of self today, that Phenotyping was born.
It harnesses the science of neuroplasticity, biological evolution, and meditation to help us overcome our old self and create a new self.
So how do we create a Phenotype?

It’s broken into four phases (intend, cultivate, express, embody).


Think of this process as the human equivalent for biological metamorphosis. In our case, it’s the current version of yourself that you are transforming.



To transform ourself we must first understand that “self” is made up of how you think, act, and feel. And it’s been said that we think between 60-70,000 thoughts a day. 90% of those are the same as the day before.



Therefore, if we want to truly evolve and change our current version of “self” we must change how it is we are thinking and that's the primary activity of the intention phase. We become aware of the unconscious thoughts, behaviors and actions you no longer want to embody and choose the way you do want to think, the way you do want to feel, and the behaviors you want to embody as the new version of yourself.


The experience continues into a neuro feedback pod we’ve designed called the Chrysalis.



In order to cultivate this new version of ourselves, we must get into the operating system of the brain. In other words, we must move from the conscious mind to the subconscious to hardwire it. Meditation is our pathway there, think of it as the command line to the self. Inside of the meditation, we begin to fire and wire this new intention by engaging the neocortex in a series of metacognitive exercises. From a neurological perspective, what’s going on is a series of neuroplastic changes that form new neurological networks around this new version of yourself



so that by the time you open your eyes, you have a new definition of self and internal concept to embody.



Although, what’s most remarkable about this experience is while you are going through this internal transformation, the EEG relays all of that activity through a series of signal processing models and biological algorithms to create a representation of that new self you are transforming into. We call it a Phenotype.


You can embody that new self by literally putting it on. We give you the option to apply your unique Phenotype to a range of in house garments and pieces from our runway.



Your Phenotype is irreplicable, no else has it and no one else ever will.


If you think there is something deep within you, that you have yet to connect with - I suggest you create a Phenotype.


If you believe you’re capable of so much more, but somethings been holding you back - I suggest you create a Phenotype.


If you feel like there is a fundamental reason for your existence, you just lost that signal - I suggest you create a Phenotype.


The only way to change the world is to change us. With Phenotyping we will shift the paradigm, by promoting the expression and being the embodiment of evolution. What does your Phenotype look like?
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